Memo to the Community Regarding Coronavirus
By Deputy Chief Denise Gluck
March 14, 2020

To the residents of the Wading River Fire District-

The Chiefs, Commissioners, and Members of the Wading River Fire Department are dedicated to providing fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of our district. As you all know, the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused much concern in our area. We want to assure you that we are taking all appropriate measures to ensure the health and well-bring of our residents.

In an attempt to help protect our medical providers and firefighters, we ask that if you must call 911 for any reason, please let them know if you are experiencing any cough, fever, or flu-like symptoms, have had any recent travel out of the country, or have been in contact with any sick individuals.

Please expect that our members will ask you these questions when we first encounter you and will take any necessary protective measures (such as wearing a mask and gown) if needed based on your responses.
Here are a few general reminders to help you protect yourself:
• Wash your hands regularly using soap and water or an appropriate alcohol-based hand sanitizer
• Don’t unnecessarily touch your face- specifically your eyes, nose and mouth
• Limit exposures to large crowds as much as possible
• Sneeze and cough into the crook of your arm. If using a tissue, immediately dispose of item and wash your hands

We remain dedicated to caring for the members of our community and urge you to visit the following websites for updated information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

NY State Department of Health

Stay safe!