WRFD Training
By Deputy Chief Mark Donnelly
May 4, 2023

Check out WRFD training hard and taking our training to new levels with the help of Firehouse Training Plus + .

This training will help to keep the members of WRFD safe, do the best and most efficient job while serving and protecting the community.

Thank You to the WR Board of Fire Commissioners for supporting the training of the WRFD members/

Looking forward to many more GREAT training and learning experiences in the future!

Check out Firehouse Training Plus + on their face book page (link below) for pictures:

Awesome night training with the Wading River Fire Department. Last night we welcomed the Wading River members into the Firehouse Training family with our first training evolution. We covered the 10 steps for firefighter gear removal when they are experiencing a cardiac event, how to properly change an SCBA cylinder, reduced/low profile maneuvers and firefighter rehab. All members were shown a demonstration of how to perform the tasks followed by them performing the tasks. Outstanding job by all in attendance!!

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