Residential Structure Fire
By Deputy Chiefs Mark Donnelly
July 22, 2022

On Friday July 22, 2022 at 10:29 PM, WRFD was activated for a residential structure fire on N. Wading River Rd. WRFD 2nd Assistant Chief Mark Donnelly (6-3-32) was on scene in less than 3 minutes and declared a “Working Fire”. Chief of Department Denise Gluck (6-3-30) and 1st Assistant Chief Kevin Berg (6-3-31) arrived shortly thereafter. Chief Gluck assumed Incident Command, Chief Berg Operations and Chief Donnelly Interior. Engine 6-3-11 arrived on scene and the crew put 2 hose lines into operation and with Chief Donnelly conducted a primary search of the residence. All visible fire was knocked extinguished within 15 minutes and the incident was declared under control within 22 minutes of activation. Rocky Point FD responded with 4 Chiefs (5-A7- 30, 31, 32, 33), 1 engine (5-A7-7) and 1 truck (5-A7-14). RPFD crews conducted a secondary search and helped with overhaul. Wading River 1st Responder (6-3-80) stood by at the scene to provide medical care if necessary. Ridge FD with 2 Chiefs (5-22-30,32) and 1 Engine (5-22-3) and Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance with 1 Chief (6-5-30) and Ambulance (6-5-19) were standing by at the WRFD Firehouse to handle any additional alarms. Brookhaven National Laboratory responded as the RiT (Rapid Intervention Team). Suffolk County Fire Rescue and Emergency Services coordinators 6-0-1 and 5-15-05 responded to assist the Chief. The Riverhead Fire Marshal was called to help with the investigation into the cause and origin of the fire. Riverhead Police also responded. Wading River in total responded with 17 members and 8 pieces of apparatus.
The Chiefs would like to thank the members and the mutual aid departments for their response and help at this incident.

Units: 6-3-30, 6-3-31, 6-3-32, 6-3-5, 6-3-10, 6-3-11, 6-3-17, 6-3-80,
Mutual Aid: Rocky Point FD: 5-A7-30, 5-A7-31, 5-A7-32, 5-A7-33, 5-A7-7, 5-A7-14,. Ridge FD: 5-22-30, 5-22-3, Riverhead Ambulance: 6-5-30, 6-5-19 Brookhaven National Laboratory FD: 5-20-5 SCDFRES Coordinators: 6-0-1, 5-15-05 Riverhead Town Fire Marshals: 6-0-40, 6-0-42