Vehicle Extrication Training
By Deputy Chiefs Mark Donnelly
May 12, 2022

On Thursday May 5 and 12 WRFD members spent the evenings training on vehicle extrication. Two different trainings were held simultaneously on both evenings. 2nd Assistant Chief Donnelly lead the newer members thru basic vehicle extrication including Scene Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Vehicle Stabilization, Patient Care and Removal, Incident Command and Team concepts. Members were instructed on multiple ways of using the hydraulic rescue tools (Hurst tool / Jaws of Life) to remove the doors and roof off of the vehicles simulating disentangling the victims from the damaged vehicle. At the same time 1st Assistant Chief Berg and the rest of the department trained on the same concepts but had to work on an overturned vehicle crushing another. Members additionally used Stabilization Jacks, Air Bags, Sawzall's, Hand Tools and Winches to stabilize the vehicles and remove the patients.